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Science Textbooks That Inspire Wonder

Thank you for your interest in our Novare Science books. Click below to download the PDF for any of these books to sample the book.

Earth Science: God’s World, Our Home, 2nd Edition
General Biology
Novare Physical Science, 3rd Edition
Introductory Physics, 3rd Edition
General Chemistry, 2nd Edition
Physics: Modeling Nature

Please note that we cannot offer free samples of Novare Science books. However, you can purchase a sample copy with a 20% discount on the full retail price, and we will ship it to your school for free! Return these samples within 60 days of the request for a full refund (shipping not included.)

You can return these samples within 60 days of the request for a full refund. The school is responsible for return shipping charges. (Please note that this policy is for Catholic schools only!)

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