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GRAPES? Helping Our Students Get Their Minds Around Ancient Civilization

Thursday, October 6, 2022 12 pm ET (9am PT)


Teaching our students how to study civilizational history can be a challenge, especially given how vast and deep a civilization is. For younger students especially, an effective way into ancient history is the acronym GRAPES. The term encompasses Geography, Religion, Art (visual, linguistic, and literary), Politics, Economics, and Science (theoretical and applied). Those features encompass the vastness and depth of a civilization; it is, then, a good way for the students to get their minds around the whole of it.

This webinar will cover how to teach each major feature of a civilization and how the students can develop their mastery of it both in terms of what they must know and in the form of a narrative. In both forms of mastery, the students work up in a foundational way the kinds of materials historians work up.

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