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Essay Contest Results


Our next annual history essay contest begins in January 2024.

Thank you to all of those who participated in our annual history essay contest in 2023! This year’s topics were as follows:

Fourth graders were asked to write about one of the following topics: 1.) Their state’s history, including the history of the Catholic Church in their state. 2.) An important person to the history of their state, or 3.) An important historical site in their state.

Fifth graders were asked to write about a historical character born before 1950 from North America who made an impact on the Church and country.

Sixth graders were asked to choose a country they would like to visit, research the country’s history, and write about two places of historical interest that they would like to visit and why.

Seventh and eighth graders were asked to choose a non-North American historical character who made their most important historical contribution between 300 A.D.–1900 A.D. and relate how that person influenced the time and place in which they lived.

High schoolers were asked to describe an important historical event, the key players, its outcome, and how it changed history.


In a competitive field of well-written essays, the best ones stood out for their exceptional qualities. To see what our judges thought of the winning entries, click below.


Homeschool Divisions:

4th Grade:

Anna Hargett, Tennessee

Topic: Getting it Dunn for Tennessee

5th Grade:

Julian Crace, Tennessee

Topic: The Legendary Story of

Fr. Patrick Ryan

6th Grade:

Natalia Braga, Texas

Topic: Australia, the Land of My Dreams

7-8th Grade:

Thomas Lanthier, Illinois

Topic: Words for the World

High School:

Gianna Pasquale, North Carolina

Topic: How the Sinking of the Lusitania Affected the First World War

Catholic School Divisions:

4th Grade:

Javier Molina, California

School: Stella Maris Academy 

Topic: The Prophet of Nature

5th Grade:

Alex Thompson, Illinois

School: Jordan Catholic School

Topic: The Life of St. John Neumann

6th Grade:

Miranda Ponkow, South Carolina

School: Christ Our King Stella-Maris School

Topic: Australian Adventures

7-8th Grade:

Bridget Kauffman, Washington

School: St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School

Topic: A Humble Bride of Christ:

St. Birgitta of Sweden

High School:

Antonia Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania

School: Maria Kaupas Academy

Topic: Two Revolutions: Liberty

and Liberalism 

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