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From the Founder: Michael Van Hecke

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Thank you for caring enough about your students to educate them totally—heart, mind, and soul.

In The Holy See’s Teaching on Catholic Schools, Archbishop J. Michael Miller summarizes many Church documents to give us a primer on the principles of Catholic schools. One central element of this teaching is the premise that God is the creator of all and has an active and loving hand in our world at every moment, from its creation to this very moment. It is no wonder, then, that he goes on to say, “Catholicism must permeate . . . the entire curriculum.”

A true, full, balanced and sound curriculum will reflect God. Publishers who remove the Church and Catholic truth from their histories do not make them more “objective.” On the contrary, they ignore important and often essential parts of an honest, full, and scholarly telling of history.

As Catholic educators, we are free and able to tell the whole story—all the secular elements of history as well as history’s deeper meaning and consequences. For, as we know, history is the story of mankind, the good, bad, and ugly; it is a story of a development of civilization and culture; finally, it is a story of Salvation History. We see daily civic happenings, but we know that across the long arc of history, God has his hand in it all, not as a puppet-master, but as a creator willing us to salvation. That is a story of hope. That is a story which explains so much. That is a story that gives perspective to dark and troubling times in the world.

We invite you to bring balance, perspective, and hope back into the hearts and minds of your students by using the only history textbook series written with the freedom for truth that Catholic schools enjoy–a series that meets and exceeds standards while educating students in, and inspiring them with, the great drama of our history.

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