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Our much-anticipated new textbook!

Updated: May 16, 2022

Catholic Textbook Project is happy to announce our newest release, long awaited and desired by the educators who rely on our books! Our Grade 7-8 American history textbook, The American Venture: A History of the United States, will be available for purchase in spring 2022.

Covering the history of the United States from the first settlements to the mid-20th century, The American Venture weaves the story of the Catholic Church in America together with standard historical themes. It includes discussions of the U.S. and state constitutions, a civics treatment of the U.S. Constitution, and historical treatments of European, non-European, and Native American cultures in the United States.

Like all our history textbooks, The American Venture features a narrative format to engage student interest and invite them into the story of history. It also comes with our signature “less is more” teacher’s manual and our thoughtfully designed student workbook.

If you are considering this textbook for your Catholic school, please fill out this form and a physical sample of The American Venture will be shipped directly to your school. Our Vice President, Matt Sumers, will be in touch shortly to get it in the mail.

If you prefer a digital version or are a homeschool parent, then you are welcome to view this sample online.

We’re very pleased to share the fruits of this labor with the students and teachers at your school. Thank you for caring enough about your students to educate them totally—heart, mind, and soul.

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