About Catholic Textbook Project

In the year 2000 a group of Catholic educators and writers first met to launch the Catholic Textbook Project. We gathered to address an urgent need – a lack of Catholic textbooks. Frustrated with the poor quality, sloppy scholarship and anti-Catholic bias of secular textbooks, we knew something new needed to be done for the sake of Catholic students and the future of Catholic education. We took the bold step of founding a publishing company and began the first series of history books specifically produced for Catholic schools since the 1960’s.

Since its founding, the Catholic Textbook Project has published five textbooks (for grades 5 – 12) and accompanying materials. Our textbooks bring history alive, using a story-narrative format that engages student interest. The graphic design, with custom maps and full-color reproductions of beautiful art, please the eye and inspire wonder.

But most importantly, our textbooks are Catholic; they proceed from the insight that mankind and history have been transformed irrevocably by Christ and his Church. Put simply, without the Church, history simply would not be the same. We tell that story fully and accurately.

Today, our textbooks are being used throughout the United States — in parochial schools, private schools, and home schools. Principals, teachers, and parents, as well as bishops and historians, have praised the books.

However, most gratifying has been the response from students, who have found the books such a joy to read that they read farther than they “need to.” Gratifying too, is the knowledge that we have done our part in helping introduce children to their religious and cultural patrimony, and to the fullness of history and reality, with all its possibilities.

Catholic Textbook Project is a non-profit project of The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education.

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