DATE:    October 10, 2017

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Catholic Textbook Project, the premiere publishers of history textbooks for Catholic schools, reports aggressive growth for its third year in a row.  The number of Catholic schools ordering the company’s well-researched, accurate, beautiful and engaging history textbooks series more than doubled in 2017—an increase of 103%.  This comes after a similar increase the previous year. The Catholic Textbook Project history textbooks series is now used in schools in more than 90 dioceses nationwide and in English-speaking pockets around the world.

The addition of a vice president of marketing and sales and expansion of its national sales team to five seasoned sales professionals is further indication of the textbook publishers commitment to growth in sales and market share.

Highly praised by bishops, Catholic teachers, principals, homeschoolers, and even by secular university professors, Catholic Textbook Project and its history textbooks have been featured on CNN, the Lou Dobbs Show, Kresta in the Afternoon, Morning Air, The Good Fight with Barbara McGuigan, and in the Catholic Business Journal, Today’s Catholic Teacher, National Catholic Register, The Official Catholic Directory (2011), Zenit, Reuters and more.  A recent interview with founder Michael Van Hecke, M.Ed., that appeared in the Catholic Business Journal revealed the powerful motivation behind the launch of Catholic Textbook Project, its challenges and current growth trajectory.

The company’s remarkable history textbook fills a gaping need in K-12 education.

Recent federal testing shows students are far worse in knowledge of U.S. history than math. Only 12% of high school students are proficient in U.S. history.  In a popular world history textbook used by many public and even Catholic schools, a full chapter is devoted to Islam and Mohammed, but only a few sentences to Christianity and Christ. Recently McGraw-Hill apologized for calling the slave trade “immigration.”

“Today’s history books not only fail to engage students,” notes Van Hecke, “they favor political correctness over true history. That has a serious and far-reaching impact on our culture and our future.”

But that’s not the case with Catholic Textbook Project history textbooks.

“Teachers and students who use the Catholic Textbook Project series will be happy to know that in college its readers will know more about history than many of their professors as well as most of their classmates,” states Jeffrey Burton Russell, Ph.D., professor of history, emeritus, at University of California, Santa Barbara.

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About Catholic Textbook Project.  Founded by a headmaster who was unable to find good history/social studies textbooks for his students, Michael Van Hecke, M.Ed., culled a select group of scholars, professors, educators, editors and award-winning book designers and launched Catholic Textbook Project (a 501c3 nonprofit). For more information or to explore the textbooks, or what others say about these textbooks, go to