Errata List

We appreciate and welcome the ongoing feedback of educators in this project, and we are continually implementing new ways to improve our service to you and to the students we serve. 

Should you have any comments or suggestions on these volumes or on future volumes, please send them to:

We have numerous layers of editing prior to publication. Any errata that have come to light post-printing will be posted here.

Please download the Adobe Acrobat pdf of any errata posted, to implement with your teaching. Formal corrections will be made in our next publishing run.

  • Teacher’s Manual for Sea to Shining SeaErrata List (pdf) – issued 2011
  • Teacher’s Manual for Light to the Nations 1 – Errata List (pdf) – issued 2018


Previous Errata Lists (ONLY for editions prior to 2011)

  • Earlier, General Errata List (pdf) – issued September, 2010
  • All Ye Lands (Student Edition) Errata List (pdf) – issued July 13, 2004