Wonderful. … Finally a good, Catholic high school level American History text!

Debbie Rackers, Missouri

I have always been impressed with your books but I am overwhelmed by the Teacher’s Manuals. They are the best I have ever seen. I find most teacher’s manuals to be filled with unnecessary tactics, etc. and, personally, have used them only as answer keys. You are giving parents a wealth of information that will aid them in teaching the material in the books.

Dianne Muth, Academic Advisor, Kolbe Academy, California

They look great! I’ve had the pleasure of being able to look through All Ye Lands and Light to the Nations, Part l, back in 2013… My only regret would be not buying the books sooner and using them for the 2013-14 school year.  However, I am definitely using All Ye Lands for my son’s World Geography requirement this year and we will be using Light to the Nations, Parts 1 and 2 and Lands of Hope and Promise for World History and American History and Government in the coming high school years.

—Joy Foster, Indiana

My oldest has completed Light to the Nations I & II . My 5th-grader will be using From Sea to Shining Sea this upcoming year. We liked them so much that we have purchased the whole series. I am very pleased to see workbooks for the texts now. Great Catholic textbooks! Keep up the good work!

Laura G.

I am so pleased to have met you and see what you are doing for the sake of all of us, and truth. I had no idea that Catholic schools have – or rather had – no reliable options for textbooks options. It is no wonder we continually hear and read falsehoods in the news and in our conversations, since our population is so ill-educated. But now we have Catholic Textbook Project. I know that pulling together the content and images alone was Herculean. Now, I wish you tons of good luck putting your work to work!

—Lee N.

Keep up the great work! I have all the series for my children. I can’t wait until Lands of Hope and Promise come out on Hardcover! Don’t know if I can wait. Maybe I’ll get it on PDF.  God bless,

—Tania Costigan

We love the story-like language which makes it so pleasurable to read. History books can be so thick and heavy… and full of scattered text bits students already know you’ll never get through! Students invariably end up never reading the book and relying on notes that are even more scattered. “Lands of Hope and Promise” reads like a real book, in a coherent, chronological sequence. The few insets with a curious/interesting focus on a character or episode are wonderful gems! I believe this book may bring a student to fall in love with our history.

—Ana B., South Dakota

History is sort of a ‘family thing’ for us: one sibling and in-law are archeologists; I was a research assistant for years for an ‘historian’s historian’ who is too humble to allow me to name him. Your treatment of the Missouri-Kansas border wars really cinched it for me: the sibling archeologist I mentioned is one of the leading experts in that field and works on occasion for the State of Missouri, and has a Civil War dig site or two specifically from that branch of the conflict. To my knowledge, yours is the only high school American history text [Lands of Hope and Promise] to give any appreciable mention — let alone summary — of the ‘war before the war’ fought between Kansas and Missouri. While there is always more to any branch of history than can be put into a textbook (that is one reason we have teachers), this text has fewer gaps to fill than most, on this and many subjects. Well done, and thanks.

—Theresa Koch, Missouri



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