Light to the Nations, Part I: The History of Christian Civilization (Teacher’s Manual)

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This manual will help the teacher employ our story-based text, Light to The Nations I, in the most effective way in the classroom or the home. It includes a discussion on how to use a story-based text in the classroom and several other features:

  • a scope and sequence for each chapter
  • a discussion of the goals for each chapter
  • a listing of the basic facts students should take from each chapter, with a brief review of each fact
  • a listing of the key terms presented in each chapter with their definitions
  • answer keys for end-of-chapter review questions as well as for quizzes and tests
  • suggestions for carrying out end-of-chapter activities
  • a list of resources for further reading as well as recordings of period music
  • a complete timeline of the events covered in the book
  • a pronunciation guide for foreign names and words found in the text

“Less is more” — unlike other publishers, we do not burden teachers with supplement upon supplement. Indeed, we don’t need to: our books do most of the work, by drawing students into the exciting story of history. Our teacher’s manuals and workbooks only help complete the work the textbooks have begun.

ISBN: 978-1-935644-01-9

Available Formats: Soft Bound, eBook PDF, eBook ePub