Journey Across America - Student Workbook
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A Journey Across America: California (Student Workbook)

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Our workbooks provide a variety of exercises and activities to enhance the students’ experience of our textbooks and to solidify their apprehension of the subject matter. We offer our workbooks in both printed consumable and CD formats. The print version is a soft cover consumable book for each student with smooth-perforation pages for easy removal by students.  The consumable workbooks are over 100 pages of a variety of styles of exercises.  The CD version has all the exercises found in the consumable workbook, and many more as well, and offer the flexibility of being able to print only those exercises the teacher desires to use.  Many schools purchase student workbooks as well as the one affordable workbook CD for added flexibility and economy.

“Less is more” — unlike other publishers, we do not burden teachers with supplement upon supplement. Indeed, we don’t need to: our books do most of the work, by drawing students into the exciting story of history. Our teacher’s manuals and workbooks only help complete the work the textbooks have begun.

Grade range: 5–9  ISBN:  978-1-935644-38-5

Available Formats: Print, CD-ROM (Printable), eBook PDF, eBook ePub