DATE:    October 2, 2017

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Michael Van Hecke

Michael Van Hecke

Michael Van Hecke, M.Ed., the headmaster of a Top 50 school and the founder of Catholic Textbook Project, was recently interviewed by a faith and ethics-driven national business journal, Catholic Business Journal. Recognized for its signature engaging narrative style and well-researched, accurate presentation of the people and events of the past, the history textbooks series published by Catholic Textbook Project are now used in schools in more than 90 dioceses nationwide and in English-speaking pockets around the world.

In his interview, Van Hecke talks about the origins of the non-profit textbook publishing company, the vision and the challenges, what sets it apart from other textbook publishers, and why its first series—history textbooks for Catholic schools—is gaining fast traction among Catholic educators, bishops, parents and even non-Catholics.

“Instead of a dry recounting of events, dates, names and places found in a typical K-12 history textbook, users of Catholic Textbook Project’s textbooks read well-crafted, exciting stories of truth and virtue, human actions and decisions that render the past a living part of the present,” writes Joseph O’Brien, the journalist who interviewed Van Hecke. “Unawares, these textbooks prepare students to face the future well-anchored in a rich moral and intellectual formation and in an accurate understanding and appreciation for the men and women of past generations on whose shoulders we stand today—including Catholic religious orders, lay men and women whose choices significantly impacted the course of history—for better or worse.”

“Even notable secular university professors, such as the late Kevin Starr, a multi-award-winning historian, a former California state librarian, and a former professor at the University of Southern California, said our textbooks are terrific because they tell the story of history,” says Van Hecke in the interview.

Van Hecke continues: “Another high-ranking secular professor at UC Santa Barbara remarked that students who learn from our history textbooks will come to college knowing more about history than most of their peers and some of their professors. This kind of praise speaks to the scholarliness of our content, even though our textbooks use an engaging narrative and even though we include significant historical contributions of Catholic men and women. It’s just history, the full story.”

To learn more about Catholic Textbook Project’s history textbook series for grades 5-12, which is now used in Catholic schools in more than 90 dioceses nationwide, and in pockets of English-speaking schools worldwide, go to www.CatholicTextbookProject.com.


About Catholic Textbook Project.  Founded by a headmaster who was unable to find good history/social studies textbooks for his students, Michael Van Hecke, M.Ed., gathered together a select group of scholars, professors, educators, editors and award-winning book designers and launched Catholic Textbook Project (a 501c3 nonprofit). For more information or to explore the textbooks, or what others say about these textbooks, go to http://www.CatholicTextbookProject.com.