Revolution or Renewal

by Michael Van Hecke, M.Ed.

Once again, I heard a speaker paraphrasing Chesterton in reference to his idea about a revolution, particularly, a revolution is always a return, a re-turning to some ideal that was lost. 

The Catholic University of America welcomed the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education this summer as host of the National Catholic Classical Schools Conference. 

The conference theme, this year, was Educating from the heart of the Church. More than 250 educators from twenty-seven states and two Canadian provinces attended the conference in order to grow in wisdom and understanding of the Church’s great hope and plan for Catholic education. What was on display was a deep fellowship, the kind that can only be found when based on Eternal Love, and an abundance of Joy! One thing that was common among superintendents, priests, principals and teachers was—regardless of which moniker they used: classical, liberal arts, Catholic intellectual tradition, or just Catholic education—they were all convicted that a true Catholic education must derive from the heart and mind of the Church, and that is decidedly different than what the vast secular educational machine wants our schools to do.

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