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Catholic_Textboks- History-Lands_Of_Hope_And_PromiseCoverA Journey Across America: California

presents a narrative history of California infused with a Catholic worldview. The book engages the student through colorful photos, maps, narrative writing and thumbnail biographies. For grade 4. 160 pages, hardcover. (see download samples to the right)


History Textbooks From Sea to Shining Sea grades 5-8From Sea to Shining Sea: The Story of America 

tells the story of North America— the Indian nations, European colonization, and the founding and history of the United States up to the twentieth century. Available as hard cover or in digital format. For grades 5 – 8. (see download samples to the right)

Catholic Textbook - History - All Ye Lands for grades 6-9All Ye Lands: Origins of World Cultures 

covers world history and culture from prehistory through the Greeks, the rise of Christianity, up through the Middle Ages, as well as developments in China, Japan, Russia, Europe, Africa and the Americas up to the mid 1800′s. Available as hard cover or in digital format. For grades 6 – 8.  (see download samples to the right)

Catholic Textbook - History - Light tothe Nation, part 1Light to the Nations I: The History of Christian Civilization 

opens with the coming of Jesus Christ and moves through the achievements of medieval Christendom, to the threshold of the Enlightenment projects of the 18th century. Available as hard cover or in digital format. For grades 7 – 9.  (see download samples to the right)

Catholic Textbooks - History - Light to the Nations, Part 2 Light to the Nations II:  The Making of the Modern World 

picks up the story at the Enlightenment and considers how modern ideas, institutions, and culture have developed from the high centuries of Christian culture, shaping our modern world. Available as hard cover or in digital format. For grades 8 – 10.  (see download samples to the right)

U.S. Companion volume for Light to the Nations II – The History of the United States: 1492-1900 

supplements the story told in Light to the Nations II by exploring the events of United States history. The text provides a detailed study of the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and significant amendments. 185 pages, softcover.

Catholic_Textboks- History-Lands_Of_Hope_And_PromiseCoverLands of Hope and Promise: A History of North America

presents the history of North America from the landing of Columbus in 1492 to the late 20th century, including the contributions of the Catholic Church, Catholic communities and individuals and Catholic ideas to the rich and tempestuous American story. Available as hard cover or in digital format.  For high school level.   (see download samples to the right)


The Teacher’s Manual for each Catholic Textbook Project textbook begins with a general discussion on how to use the textbook in the classroom and recommends specific strategies.  Each Teacher’s Manual also lists chapter goals and explains the basic facts and ideas students should glean and remember from each chapter.  Other features of our Teacher Manuals include the following:

  • a complete timeline of the events covered in the book Teacher Manual for Catholic Textbook Project History Textbooks
  • a scope and sequence for each chapter
  • a discussion of the goals for each chapter
  • a listing of the basic facts students should take from each chapter, with a brief review of each fact
  • a listing of the key terms presented in each chapter with their definitions
  • pronunciation guide for foreign words
  • answer keys for end-of-chapter review questions as well as for quizzes and tests
  • suggestions for carrying out end-of-chapter activities
  • a list of resources ((including books and music recordings) for further reading and investigation 

One educator summed up the quality of our teacher’s manuals like this:

“I have always been impressed with your books, but I am overwhelmed by the Teacher’s Manuals. They are the best I have ever seen!”

Please Note: PDF versions of our Teacher Manuals are licensed for digital use only and are not able to be printed from the PDF due to copyright.  A printed version of any Teacher Manual must be purchased if a printed version is desired.


Catholic Textbooks-History-Student Workbook CDsStudent workbook CDs are available for most of the textbooks. An additional printed student workbook is also available for several of the textbooks. The student workbooks provide a variety of exercises and activities to enhance the learning experience and solidify subject retention. These excellent resources were designed by writer and veteran educator, Ana Braga-Henebry.  Print versions different from the CDs and are only available to accompany All Ye Lands, Sea to Shining Sea , and Light to the Nations-Part 1 textbooks. The CD format helps schools and families save on cost (no yearly purchase of new workbooks) and allows teachers to pick the exercises most useful for their classes. We also have downloadable eBook editions of the workbooks in either PDF or ePub versions.

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