The Team

The Catholic Textbook Project team includes top, seasoned and dedicated writers, researchers, educators, and advisors who share a profound love of History, the Faith, and the Truth.


Dieter Huckestein
Former senior VP, Hilton Corporation

Mark Montgomery
Board of Directors, Montgomery Management Company

Scott Turicchi
President and CFO, j2 Global, Inc.

Glendon Mueller
President, Catholic Textbook Project;

Michael Van Hecke, M.Ed.
Founder and Chairman, Catholic Textbook Project and Institute for Catholic Liberal Education; Headmaster, Saint Augustine Academy


The following list of Catholic Textbook Project writers and editors are seasoned Catholic educators and writers who are well-educated and passionate about history and about their Catholic faith. They take pride in pursuing a rigorous, disciplined approach to ensure historical accuracy.

Ana Braga-Henebry, M.A.
Prolific. published author; a reviewer for Parent Council, LTD for nine years, and a writer for other organizations, magazines and websites,  studied in Brazil and the U.S.

Michael Van Hecke, M.A.
Principal Founder and President of the Catholic Textbook Project and The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education; Headmaster of St. Augustine Academy (Ventura, California); previously headmaster of Catholic schools in Texas and Arizona

Kenneth J. Kaiser, Ph.D.
Catholic writer and teacher who advises the Project in areas of political philosophy and American history

Ellen and Carl Rossini
Catholic writers who contributed to the volume All Ye Lands: Origins of World Cultures in the CTP history series

Christopher Zehnder, M.A.
General Editor of the Catholic Textbook Project history series, senior editor of two news publications for 15 years, also a high school teacher (history, theology, Latin, English grammar, literature, classical literature), former headmaster of a middle and senior high school

Rollin Lasseter, Ph.D. (1939 – 2008)
Co-Founder and first General Editor of the Catholic Textbook Project history series, award-winning and highly acclaimed, highly respected Catholic university professor


Alexandra Wilhelmsen, Ph.D.
University of Dallas

John Sommerfeldt, Ph.D.
University of Dallas

John Evans, Ph.D.
Arizona State University

Janet E. Smith, Ph.D.
Sacred Heart Seminary, Detroit

Kenneth Whitehead, Ph. D.
Former U.S. Asst. Secretary of Education

Rev. Marvin O’Connell, Prof. Emeritus
University of Notre Dame

James Hitchcock, Ph.D.
St. Louis University

Sr. John Dominic Rasmussen, O.P.
Spiritus Sanctus Academy


Hespenheide Designs
Carefully selected for their ability to echo in design the high caliber of our research and writing teams, their work includes books for Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, Reader’s Digest, Sunset Books, The Entertainment Industry Foundation, and more.

SPONSORS — Partial List:

The Catholic Textbook Project would not be possible without the generous contributions and support of those listed below, and of many others:

Ave Maria Foundation
Douglas L. Alexander
Mary Almassey
Patricia Bozell
Mr. & Mrs. William Burleigh
Catholic Business Journal
Peter DeLuca III
Paula Galligan
Rev. Joseph Gillespie
Gary Hespenheide, Hespenheide Design
Holden Color Printing
John M. Holiman III
James Holman
Ignatius Press
Institute for Catholic Liberal Education
Peg Luksik
Bridget Neumayr
Peter Poppleton
William P. and Patrice M. Quan
Saint Augustine Academy
Andrew Seeley, Ph.D.
Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church
Sophia Institute Press
Scott & Lynette Turicchi
The Moran Foundation
Ville de Marie Academy
Karen Walker, Walker & Associates Strategic Communications

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