What Sets Our History Textbooks Apart?


“Other middle and high-school textbooks lack the qualities that Catholic Textbook Projects Light to the Nations I and II and Lands of Hope and Promise offer. These books present all the main themes along with plenty of detail to flesh them out.

“They are beautifully and clearly presented. Without proselytizing and without pressing any worldview other than the importance of understanding the past, the books present the material of Catholic history interwoven with other important themes. In fact, they offer more about those important themes than do most textbooks.

“Teachers and students who use the Catholic Textbook Project series will be happy to know that in college its readers will know more about history than many of their professors as well as most of their classmates.”

— Dr. Jeffrey Russell, Ph.D., Professor of History, Emeritus, University of California, Santa Barbara


Written in an engaging journalistic style, Catholic Textbook Project textbooks bring history to life for students.

The writing style of these history textbooks is so successful in engaging readers that their use dramatically improved the reading levels of students in inner city Chicago schools. In other schools, teachers and parents report that students are eager and responsive to the text, with some students even reading beyond their classroom assignments because they are interested in the story being told.


Rigorously adhering to the highest discipline and standards of historical research and accuracy, Catholic Textbook Project textbooks do not cater to any special interest or politically correct agenda.

Catholic Textbook Project textbooks focus on the facts of history, without prejudice or bias. Striving to “view all things in the light of Christ” gives us the freedom to research diligently and without any pre-conceived “agenda” in order to uncover what is true, what truly happened in history. God and his purposes are revealed in the true and accurate facts of human history.


Significant historical contributions of Catholic religious orders, saints and laity throughout 2,000 years of history are included—not ignored or denied.

Students who read these textbooks graduate with a clear sense that they, as Catholics, have an important role to play in today’s history. They are anchored in a true and robust understanding of the historical events and contributions of all, including Catholics and Christians.

In the current age of polarizing “political correctness” and increasingly agenda-driven revisionist history that caters to a cacophony of special interests, Catholic Textbook Project textbooks stand out because they simply focus on delivering the true, unvarnished and accurate history—the story of what took place in the past. Refreshing!


Catholic Textbook Project history textbooks are not only superior in content—telling the story of civilization in light of the Catholic Faith—but also superior in design and graphic appeal, including four-color images of beautiful fine art depicting historical characters and events, photographs, maps, and illustrations.

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