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From Sea to Shining Sea: The Story of America (Textbook)

From Sea to Shining Sea: The Story of America 
tells the story of North America—the Indian nations, European colonization, and the founding and history of the United States up to the twentieth century. For grades 5 – 8.
All Ye Lands: World Cultures and Geography (Textbook)

All Ye Lands: World Cultures and Geography 
covers world history and culture from prehistory through the Greeks, the rise of Christianity, up through the Middle Ages, as well as developments in China, Japan, Russia, Europe, Africa and the Americas up to the mid 1800′s. For grades 6 – 8

Light to the Nations, Part I: Development of Christian Civilization (Textbook)
Light to the Nations I: 
The History of Christian Civilization 
opens with the coming of Jesus Christ and moves through the achievements of medieval Christendom, to the threshold of the Enlightenment projects of the 18th century. For grades 7 – 9.

Light to the Nations, Part II: The Making of the Modern World (Textbook)
Light to the Nations II: 
The Making of the Modern World 
picks up the story at the Enlightenment and considers how modern ideas, institutions, and culture have developed from the high centuries of Christian culture, shaping our modern world. For grades 8 – 10.

Lands of Hope and Promise: A History of North America (Textbook)Lands of Hope and Promise: 
A History of North America
presents the history of North America from the landing of Columbus in 1492 to the late 20th century, including the contributions of the Catholic Church, Catholic communities and individuals and Catholic ideas  to the rich and tempestuous American story. High school level. Available only as ebook.

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This Day in History

September 3, 1914:
Crowning of the Peace Pope 

This week, we continue our commemoration of the centenary of the beginning of World War I. The following comes from our book, Light to the Nations II: The Making of the Modern World. For ordering information on this text and our other books, please click here.
The 57 cardinals who gathered in Rome on August 31, 1914, to elect the next pope had a daunting task. As one cardinal said, the man they chose had to be intelligent, diplomatic, and holy — but above all, he had to have a charity expansive enough to embrace the Church and the world. Only such a man could effectively speak to a world torn by war and deep political rivalries. 

Archbishop Dell Chiesa on 
a parish visitation.
Some might have thought the man elected pope three days later lacked at least some of the desired qualities. The 59-year-old Cardinal Giacomo Giambattista Della Chiesa had spent most of his priestly life in the Holy See’s diplomatic service, until, in 1907, Pope Pius X had appointed him archbishop of Bologna. The aristocratic, shy Della Chiesa was not outwardly warm and friendly, as Pius X had been. As archbishop, he had seemed downright cold to some of his priests, and he had sternly demanded strict obedience of them. Yet, Archbishop Della Chiesa personally visited all the parishes in his diocese, even those in hard-to-reach mountain areas. Both in Rome and Bologna, he spent freely of his own private wealth to help poor and needy families.

The new pope chose Benedict XV as his name — the first time in 156 years that any pope had not chosen the names Leo,Gregory, or Pius. Though he gave his cardinals no reason for his choice, the pope later said he had taken the name because he wanted to win “the new world for Christ through the intercession of St. Benedict.”

Benedictus XV.jpg
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